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Organizing is a funny thing. Well organized content can make differences between someone browsing your site. Do you want to know how to organize WordPress content? The two terms will be explained here as categories and tags. In general, taking a book on furniture as an example, the categories would be the chapters, and the
Let's learn everything about Posts with us today. How to compose? How to organize? How to review revisions and draft? How to restore a Post from Trash. Everything is covered in this free video guide of ThemeLead.com.
Dashboard is the 1st interface we should get familiar when starting with WordPress. Any management activities and customization will be carried on here. In this tutorial, we will have an overview of the WordPress Dashboard, the admin bar, Quick Draft and How to Change Your Password.
In the previous post, you have known how to install quickstart package on Joomla 3x. However, you may be having a lots of data, images and beautiful details on your site, you won’t never want to start over again. Meanwhile, when installing the quickstart package, all of the existing data will be replaced by the
Note: Before installing quick-start package, you need to install Joomla 3.x (support 3.2.x and 3.3.x). Please check Joomla 3.x FAQs to have details for installing Joomla 3.x Quick-start Package is the best choice for users who want to kick-start a new Joomla template. Please check the guide below to understand how to implement Quickstart Installation.