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While there is controversy over the drawbacks of sliders on site speed, it’s undeniable that they will help presenting more beautiful contents on your website. If you are in need of a slider with one content input types only, in the below list, we suggest some best free and premium slider plugins which is optimized for the speed concerns.
In today post, I want to suggest you the 5 best free wordpress content slider plugins. Most websites; especially, online shops use the slider to show their important products and special offers. To display your contents, news or nice photos, interesting videos, sliders are the best option. However, there are a lot of WordPress content slider plugins, so I would like to make it easier for you to choose the best free WordPress content slider plugins.
The elements of navigation The navigation bar of a website is similar to a level directory in a library. For example, if there is no menu bar you will be disoriented virtually and will not know how to find your destination. So, navigation of web design plays a important role in creating convenience for users
All of us, WordPress users are familiar with the concept of Responsive Design. Undoubtedly, it is considered as a prevalent trend in Web Design now and in the future. In the below artciles, we will mention the practices of responsive design, its shortcoming and how to optimize responsive design for performance. What are responsive design and its
Nowadays, people use Internet as a useful tool to advertise a business or simply, to express your own identification. When you build a website on WordPress, like your online magazines, how could you create its content in the most spectacular way? How would you style the look of your online magazine that make people love