Read our thread “The Most Awesome Restaurant WordPress Themes” and think about what your customers want! After hardworking hours at work or schools, we usually spend our weekends with our loved ones. Restaurants are ideal places for such unions, so, what do these potential customers do next? Obviously they will do some research on which › Read more
Our goal is to give you what you once thought impossible, because you deserve the best! These free giveaways are sponsored by Sunrisetheme. Please take a look at our thread “Great 2015 Christmas Freebies”, you may see that we are not boasting! And of course, these are all free of charge! 1. HEXA     › Read more
If you plan to start a blog or website and use WordPress, you may want to consider a hosting account designed specifically for WordPress. This type of hosting account may provide you with far more than just a basic shared hosting account. Here are some of the advantages of WordPress hosting packages. Customized Control Panel › Read more
Top New Construction WordPress Theme in 2015
While it’s important to keep pace with construction trends that will bloom over the coming years, it’s also necessary to change working environments, tools and strategies to adapt to modern times. Any construction company should pay attention to branding to promote their development. Especially, if they focus on building a great website for their own › Read more
Collection of Best Business WordPress Themes in 2015
The trend of globalization is increasingly leading businesses and organizations to more severe competitions, forcing them to provide higher quality products and services to get more customers. Online marketing is the most popular method at the present and websites are a powerful online marketing tool for any business with hope of promoting products. Thanks to › Read more
Finding the Most Reliable Web Hosting for Your Blog or Website
Why Reliable Web Hosting is So Important Web hosting is the lifeline of your website and if you do not have reliable web hosting you are going to struggle to become successful online with your website. You have to know the difference between reliable web hosting and hosting that is not reliable. You also have › Read more
The HTML and CSS Quiz
So, you are learning HTML and CSS? The HTML and CSS Quiz has 50 questions and takes less than 15 minutes to complete. You have nothing to lose and a lot of prestige to gain. Let the games begin. Send your result to our leader board. Share to prove it with your friends! Take this quiz to test › Read more
Sunrise Online .JSC received $100,000 from Microsoft BizSpark startup funding program
Sunrise Online .JSC (commonly known by the brands of and has just been accepted into Microsoft’s BizSpark Startup Program and provided with up to $100,000 in fund. › Read more
10 Common Myths about WordPress WooCommerce and The Truth
Have you heard about WooCommerce? It is one of the most popular platforms for eCommerce, which is a very powerful eCommerce solution for both corporations and small businesses. › Read more
Debunk 7 Common Myths About WordPress Speed
There has been a lot of talk during the years about website speed, and it is commonly accepted that the speed of your website reflects on the customer experience, which in turn reflects on your Pagerank and increases or decreases your website’s conversion rate. However, there are a lot of myths in circulation surrounding website speed and in particular the speed of the popular content management system WordPress. › Read more
List of WordPress Communities You Should Join and Why
The task of finding a solution to your problem is quite a daunting one. It is especially true when what we are dealing with are problems associated with web design, web development and programming. While it is known that the largest WordPress community is the one at, you are sometimes required to rely on › Read more
Debunk 5 Common Myths About WordPress Updates
WordPress is a CMS which has enjoyed a rapid growth in popularity throughout the years. However, the system is far from being perfect and we all require different features from it that don’t come out-of-the-box. That is the reason why we are constantly on the lookout for new themes and plugins and the updates their new versions contain. › Read more
Must-Follow People From The WordPress Community
Having said that, I have come up with the idea to generate a list of influential and well-known people from the WordPress community. The following is my list of bloggers and developers who use the WordPress content management system to share their knowledge of its different aspects. They can be very instrumental in enhancing our understanding of WordPress one way or another. › Read more
Top 8 Free WordPress Magazine Themes Built On Bootstrap
As we all know, WordPress is popular of being the best CMS to create personal blog or magazine websites. In fact, almost all the popular online magazines in the world are using WordPress, e.g TED, CNN, Mashable, and more. Today, in this article we will show you 8 of the best free magazine WordPress themes built › Read more
The WordPress Quiz
So, you think you know your WordPress inside out? The WordPress Quiz has 50 must-known questions and takes less than 15 minutes to complete. You have nothing to lose and a lot of prestige to gain. Let the games begin. Send your result to our leaderboard. Share to prove it with your friends! › Read more
Happy Thanksgiving 2014 ! Crazy Deals for WordPress products
Buy more, spend less. The most wonderful time of the year is finally here! Thanksgiving is the perfect time to get discounts on WordPress awesome products. Here we have collected 15 Thanksgiving crazy discounts for you to make the best out of it since it’s a once-a-year opportunity and most of it will end within › Read more
We’d like annouce that our plugin, Responsive Category Slider has been approved and now on the directory of You can download the plugin directly from or from the ThemeLead web. We hope that by giving it for Free, it can help more people solve their problems with the sliders and category display. If › Read more
11 Must-known Free Resources For Your Web Projects
Time is precious to anyone, especially when you have to do things you are not good at. If you have ever struggled to check product license, find free images for your commercial project or test your web layouts on multiscreens, this article aims at providing helpful, simple and quick solutions. I. Create beautiful image placeholder › Read more

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