Content Tab – How to activate link to Content tab
Please note that tab number is counted from left to right and stating from 1. Link activation in the same Content tab For example, there are 5 different tabs in the same Content tab. From the tab number 1, you can link that tab to tab number 3 using this Link activation function, and visitors › Read more
Top 5 New Responsive Multi-purpose WordPress Themes
these are the top 5 responsive multipurpose WordPress themes that will help you do that. They will “dress up” your sites and make it looks as beautiful as it ever been. › Read more
Like clockwise, new tides of popular features and design trends in commercial WordPress themes market rise every year. It can be Theme Option Panel in year of 2012, then parallax one page design in year 2013, then content sliders and something else in a year later. Trends are tsunami in competitive marketplaces like ThemeForest that › Read more
Navigation & The Unknown Facts Of Sticky Menu
The elements of navigation The navigation bar of a website is similar to a level directory in a library. For example, if there is no menu bar you will be disoriented virtually and will not know how to find your destination. So, navigation of web design plays a important role in creating convenience for users › Read more
Rethink Your Responsive Design Strategy
All of us, WordPress users are familiar with the concept of Responsive Design. Undoubtedly, it is considered as a prevalent trend in Web Design now and in the future. In the below artciles, we will mention the practices of responsive design, its shortcoming and how to optimize responsive design for performance. What are responsive design and its › Read more
Top 7 Free Magazine WordPress Themes 2014
Nowadays, people use Internet as a useful tool to advertise a business or simply, to express your own identification. When you build a website on WordPress, like your online magazines, how could you create its content in the most spectacular way? How would you style the look of your online magazine that make people love › Read more
Earn up to $27.57 of all Pi responsive multipurpose theme sales generated by you Click To Tweet ARE YOU A MONEY LOVER? Earn up to $27.57 of all Pi responsive multipurpose theme sales generated by you. We’ll supply a free copy of Pi responsive multipurpose theme for testing & promotional purposes to all of our › Read more
A New Method To Walk Into Your Customers’ Shoes
One of the most important factors that bring success to user experience is to fully and profoundly understand your users. Not only do you want to know who they are, but you want to dive deeper into understanding their motivations, mentality, and behavior. This deals with tailoring or customizing your products to fit the specific › Read more
Stop selling on Facebook. Make a highly social WordPress ecommerce store
I’m Sammy, owner of I was invited by the ThemeLead team to share my experience of changing from Facebook as my retail store to my current WordPress powered website. First to say, I’m not good at technology. I barely know how to code and what I think I’m only good at is sales and › Read more
Sometimes I also asked myself why we have to put so many resources in this, while we can totally focus on ongoing products and smaller projects that will have shorter time to market and higher profit. The only reason can be that we are blinded by the love with the work we are doing. Well, › Read more
Joomla Freebie – Facebook  Activity Module Usage
B Facebook Activity module is the Joomla version of Facebook Social Plugins : Activity Feeds. This module shows users what their friends are doing on your site through likes and comments. A sample screen of this module can be seen below. Facebook Activity module parameters › Read more
Get more social with free joomla social plugin for articles! You can download 6 free Joomla extensions here. So you have great content! Why don’t you let people share it on their  Twitter and Facebook account? Social marketing has been proven to be one of the most effective channels. With Social Plugins, the sharing process will › Read more
This is a quick 7 steps to change Logo on your Jooma template manually 1. Choose a template color in Joomla CMS backend. For example, you can choose black color, blue or any other color you want. › Read more
[Free Joomla image slider] B Image Slider: Adding link to images
Adding link to the Image Slider and create a wonderful promotion area. Also download other 5 free helpful extensions for your Joomla website › Read more
Ok I decided to write this because many customers have asked: “how to increase the width of dropdown menu in B Venus template?”. By default you cannot change it, this value is fixed because they use images as background. However, if you really want, you can do it. Now i’ll tell you how. You will › Read more
Some people ask me about changing background in B Venus 2(Light version). As they get used to B Venus (1)’s background which can be changed according to template them set in back-end, they wonder why B Venus 2 (New to B Venus? Here it is) cannot do that. The reason is: “Yes It is”. B Venus › Read more
B Image Slider is a beautiful responsive slider with multitude transition effects see full and friendly with any portable devices. With B Image Slider, Nile becomes one of the most elegant free WordPress magazine themes to download ever Go to back-end settings (Administrator Panel >>> B Slide) to add, edit and move to trash each › Read more
How to Configure Responsive Category Slider
Good news! Our Responsive Category Slider is now Free for Use and this is the list of options that you can change in the plugin: Change background color with unlimited color. Set background images for the plugin. Set width for vertical menu. Change color of border, menu text, menu text hover also with unlimited option. › Read more