[Free Joomla image slider] B Image Slider: Adding link to images

This tutorial will show you how to insert link to images on B Image Slider, free Joomla image slider 😉

Upload image

1.1   First, log on to your website using your administration account.

1.2   On the component tab, go to BJ Image Slider >> Manage Images

B Image Slider for Joomla

1.3   Click on Upload button to start uploading new image to your image slider

B Image Slider for Joomla

1.4   Beside choosing category, filling name and description of the image, you need to fill in the “Link” box the URL you want to link to.

B Image Slider for Joomla

1.5   Upload your image to the server.

Manage your Image Slider

2.1   Choose Module Manager on the Extensions tab

B Image Slider for Joomla

2.2   There will be the list of all modules you have on your site appears, choose BJ Image Slider (or something similar). In this image example, ByJoomla has 2 different Image Slider presentations for different layout colors).

2.3   On the Parameters category, look for ‘(Common) Show panel gradient’ and turn it on.

B Image Slider for Joomla

2.4   Then, look at ‘Panel on click‘ and choose the appropriate option (Navigate to Image link).

B Image Slider for Joomla

Tahh dahhh! Now you can enjoy your work and let the visitors being amazed with B Image Slider ;). Download it and other 5 Free extensions here.

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