Best Free Image Slider Plugins for Your Website

Image Slider is the extremely familiar concept for all WordPress users. It can’t be denied that Image slider plays a vital role in content presentation: users and SEO friendly, making your important content highlighted, beautiful effect, visitors’ attraction and so more. Let me introduce 10 Free Image Slideshows, as the best image slider for your website. Some of them are Jquery Slider, some are not. So, I will outline the outstandings of each image slider based on my testing and opinion. Moreover. All of them are free to use!

Slicebox – The most free modern 3D Image Slider

This image slider impressed me with 3D effect – the most distinctive feature from the others out there and other unique features. Launched since 2011, Slicebox have been used by a incredible number of WordPress users. Thanks to CSS 3D Transforms, you can create many smart effects by changing a set of options in three-dimensional space (see more details about how to change it in source link). The main point I need to emphasize is that you can be completely free to use this professional plugin.

slicebox-free image slider

Demo | Source and Download

Camera – a free easy-to-use plugin

Camera is a responsive image slider by Camera comes with various transition effects, different color skins and layouts that help customizing for a lot of your diverse projects. Jquery Easing and JQuery Mobile are included if you want to use it in different devices. It’s a worthy plugin, isn’t it?

camera -free image slider

Demo and Source

Juicy Slider – Awesome full screen Image Slider Plugin

Juicy Slider is a responsive Jquery Image Slider by Van Ting. It comes with various styles such as no auto-play, contain mode and three effects: drop, fade, puff, which helps build different types of slider for you websites. An unique feature of Juicy Slider is that Juicy Slider can adjusts image size by computing the corresponding aspect ratio of images and viewport using JavaScript, leading to being compatible with older browsers. Finally free to use is the good choice.

juicy-free image slider

Demo and Source

 Horizontal- a Free  Plugin and Widget

Horizontal is not only WordPress plugin but also WordPress widget. With 2 simple steps, you can create a beautiful slider with Horizontal Jquery Effect.

horizontal-free image slider

Demo and Source

Rhino Image Slider

Rhino Image Slider is simple and super easy-to use Image Slider Plugin. There are four effects including easing, slidePreDirection, slideNextDirection and animateActive and various options, which help to perfectly show image slider on your website.

rhino-free image slider

Demo and Source

Super Slider

Super Slider is an easy-to-use and spectacular Image Slider Plugin. You can add lots of images to multiple slides with selecting from 40+ transition effects between images. Moreover, it is free to use.

super-free image slider

Demo and Source



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