Content Tab – How to activate link to Content tab

Please note that tab number is counted from left to right and stating from 1.

Link activation in the same Content tab

For example, there are 5 different tabs in the same Content tab. From the tab number 1, you can link that tab to tab number 3 using this Link activation function, and visitors do not have to roll to the top of tab 1 to click to see the content of tab3.

First of all, go to Content >> Article manager, choose the article that represents the tab content you had created.

Then, choose ‘Edit HTML source’ for that article, simply copy and paste the code <a href=”#tab=x” class=”bj-tab”>Go to tabX</a> to anywhere you want in the content, and replace X on ‘tabX’ by the number of the destination tab.

For instance, in the case you want to link to tab 3 from tab 1, just paste the code <a href=”#tab=3″ class=”bj-tab”>Go to tab3</a> on tab1.

Link from different page/website

This will link from different page/website to the desired tab on Content tab.

For example you are in ByJoomla home page, and you want to link to tab 2 in Content tab on B. Jupiter information page, all you need is to copy and paste the following code on the departure site <a href=”″>Go to tab2 in B. Jupiter information page</a>.

Normally, when you go to, you will see Preview tab on BJ Content tab

However if you use the code <a href=”″>Go to tab2 in B. Jupiter information page</a>, you will be able to link directly to the Position tab, as this Position tab is counted as tab number 2 in the Content tab.

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