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If you’ve ever known that function of Posts in WordPress is to write articles, surely wonder that What do pages do? If you have the similar questions, do not surprise so much, because not only you think like that, but most of people start to expose the WordPress having the same questions. Therefore, this series of videos will explain to you better understand the uses of Page.

Are you ready to learn about Pages with us?. In this free guide video of wpmudev.org on Themelead.com, we will introduce to you the WordPress Essential Pages Manipulations. For example, How to create? How to restore a Page from Trash and basic differences between a Post and a Page.

The first video, we refer how to add a page. To create a WordPress Page Template, you’ll need to use your text editor. Going to the directory on your server where you installed WordPress, and then navigating to the directory of your theme. Then use that template when you generate a new Page in the wordpress editor.

The next one, you will learn how to use Trash. Trash in WordPress is like the Recycle Bin on your PC. Users with the proper permission level have the ability to delete a post, page, and/or comments. When you delete the item, it is moved to the trash folder where it will remain for 30 days. This allows you, the user, to restore any item that you might have deleted accidentally. After 30 days, the item will be automatically and permanently deleted from your WordPress database.

The third video will tell you about restoring a page. We will show you guide step by step how to restore WordPress. You will need to restore WordPress when getting hacked or infected by malware.

Finally, we provide interesting informations for you about the key differences between a Post and a Page in your WordPress blog. Now, let watch the following video to get more information


The whole series of WordPress 101, including 40 comprehensive video tutorials about every aspects of WordPress, is neccessary material to all WordPress beginners. You have the freedom to use this series for yourself or training to others but please do not sell, modify, distribute or host them elsewhere whether online or offline. If you would like to share this freebie, please appreciate our work by linking back to this original post.

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