10 Common Myths about WordPress WooCommerce and The Truth 

10 Common Myths about WordPress WooCommerce and The Truth

Have you heard about WooCommerce? It is one of the most popular platforms for eCommerce, which is a very powerful eCommerce solution for both corporations and small businesses.

In this article we will review the most common myths about WooCommerce and examine its overall performance and best features for online merchants.

1. WooCommerce is not а powerful eCommerce solution.

WooCommerce allows you to transfer your WordPress website into an online store which is not only user friendly but also very powerful. The people behind WooThemes made it sure that their eCommerce solution contains a comprehensive toolkit that allows the users of the famous CMS to sell their products and services online.

There is no shortage of excellent features in WooCommerce. These make it one of the best choices for WordPress lovers who are on the lookout for something that does not ask for extensive coding or the services of a professional developer. WooCommerce can be easily integrated into most websites powered by WordPress.

2. WooCommerce is not free to use.

It is quite the opposite. As an open source plugin, WooCommerce is absolutely free to use. You will not be required to pay for the base service. If you, however, opt to have the best WooCommerce can offer you, you will most likely be required to purchase upgrades, which are available for sale. These range from customization modules to checkout plugins.

3. WooCommerce limits you on what you can sell with the platform.

In fact, you can sell anything with WooCommerce. From online services like web design and development to the everyday products like cloths, mugs or personal computers, WooCommerce grants you the solution to create an online shop capable of selling anything you can imagine.

4. It isn’t easy to generate product pages and catalogs with WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is known for its simplicity of creating product pages, and this is also one of its best features. Product pages are easily customizable with WooCommerce and the plugin allow you to list comprehensive details like size, weight, shipping costs, inventory and more so that your clients know what is on sale.

The same is true for catalogs. The process of creating them is seamless. For the reason that WooCommerce has similar user interface as the one WordPress users are familiar with, experience users of the CMS as well as bloggers who use it will have no difficulty creating new pages with products, catalogs, and categories.

5. WooCommerce limits you on what you can do with it.

Although it is true that WooCommerce is not the most powerful platform for eCommerce, it does have an enormous variety of features like running promotions, marketing your store, tracking your sales, managing your inventory, and dealing with customer requests.

When merchants use WooCommerce, they are able to run online store promotions using special discounts and coupon codes. The number of times a coupon code can be used is easily customizable in order for shop owners to market the profitability of their stores and prevent abuse.

Tax and shipping costs are also easily manageable even in regions with requirements for shipping and unusual sales tax. From Moscow to New York, the calculation of sales tax and shipping costs is automatic when using WooCommerce.

The interface for store management of WooCommerce is also awesome. It has perfected the process of managing your store seamlessly. Users are able to update their products and manage their inventory even if they lack development and coding experience.

6. WooCommerce does not look very appealing.

The dashboard of WooCommerce, where all things are managed, is completely WordPress-integrated. It makes it very easy for users with experience to modify their stores and manage the items.

Both the front and the back-end of the software looks beautiful. It allows the user to choose between hundreds of available themes that range from cute stores for children to dark templates for adventure sports. There is an available theme for a WooCommerce store to satisfy every need, from chic fashion to sports supplements.

WooCommerce themes can be purchased in the same way WordPress themes are. Despite the fact that there are a lot of available free themes in circulation, their level of quality usually cannot compare to the paid themes. This is the reason why most store owners avoid using free themes.

7. Any WordPress theme can be used for WooCommerce purposes.

Not all themes for WordPress are WooCommerce-compatible. Using WooCommerce to its full capabilities requires you to buy a theme from the WooThemes team. They are the developers behind the software WooCommerce. However, if you just need some specific capabilities of WooCommerce, make sure that you choose the right theme with WooCommerce intergrated.

8. It is a problem to customize WooCommerce for your particular needs.

The WooCommerce open source software is easily customizable. It is possible to add new functionality to an online store through plugins. Alternatively, you can purchase a plugin from the store of WooCommerce.

Although the software is free to use, the price for running a WooCommerce store can skyrocket when you begin to install plugins sold by the official developers of WooCommerce.

Modules for subscription billing or USPS Shipping can cost anywhere between USD 80 and USD 200, and both are very important for a range of online stores. In order to calculate shipping fees, for example, you will be required to purchase an UPS shipping module and pay USD 79.

Customizing WooCommerce is important and in order for you to more accurately calculate the cost of a customization, you should determine which extensions and plugins you cannot go without in your online store.

9. WooCommerce is the most powerful ecommerce platform.

There are already a range of platforms on the market that are much more powerful than WooCommerce is. One such example is Magento. It is an enterprise level solution for eCommerce used by leading companies. It offers both greater versatility and more features but comes at a much higher price as well.

10. The WooCommerce capability of generating reports is somewhat lacking.

The WooCommerce’s reports section is very robust and reliable. The design elements of the section are a large bonus for the graph and chart fanatics.
The reports themselves range from stock and customer items to sales and coupons, and some are automatically generated like sales per month, sales per day, sales overview, top earners, top sellers, product sales, and sales by category.

Although the eCommerce solution WooCommerce is far from being perfected, it has won an important niche between hosted online stores and eCommerce software

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