11 Must-known Free Resources For Your Web Projects

Time is precious to anyone, especially when you have to do things you are not good at. If you have ever struggled to check product license, find free images for your commercial project or test your web layouts on multiscreens, this article aims at providing helpful, simple and quick solutions.

I. Create beautiful image placeholder and product mockups


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During the process of building your web layout, you may sometimes lack idea of finding appropriate images and need image placeholders to fill these empty rooms. Another example is when we build our theme and plugins, we often put image placeholders to notify users of featured images that they haven’t added into post which may lead to errors related to post/category display. PlaceHold.it is a quick and free simple tool to create image placeholders. Just type the size of the image you want after the slash (/) of the domain, it will auto generate a beautiful placeholders.


pi portfolio WordPress theme home page

Iphone Mockup of Portfolio Home Page on Pi

 Portfolio Home Page on Pi Responsive WordPress theme

Ipad Mockup of Portfolio Home Page on Pi

Another tool to save your time creating product mockups is Placeit.net, a cool site that help you create mockups in videos, still shot, and images. You can choose from various different themes and backgrounds, even hand gestures to illustrate how your products look like on different devices from IPhone to Nexus, MacBook, etc. You also have an intelligent option to grab image from an URL. The limitation is there will be watermarks in free stages or you can only download small size for free; however at 8$ per a single standard license for medium size and a $12 per month for unlimited download of large files, the subscription package is more favorable.

II. Free Image stocks

Here are list of frequently updated free legal photo stocks that you can use for your commercial projects with high quality photos in full resolution. I love the way pictures make blog posts look more impressive and lively, that is the reason why you may see many of photos from the below sources  were also used in our blogs and theme demo.

The IMCreator

The IMCreator stocks provides you with beautiful ffree photos picked up from Flickr, which will help you save time searching in Flickr and know how to write appropriate credits to their authors.


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Picjumbo is another great image library, offering stock images for free. The library has a diversified photo categories and gets updated daily. You are free to use photos in both commercial and personal projects, which makes it a paradise for every theme designers. However, when you download too much at a time, the speed will be slown down. Don’t be too greedy.


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Similar to Picjumbo, Unsplash has a public domain license, no attribution required. It’s stated clearly on the site that 10 new photos are added every 10 days. The website is neatly organized for better search and navigation.


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It’s a shortage not to mention Flickr here. It is inspiration source for all art lovers. Photos on Flickr are diversified, varied from all kinds of categories from street styles to abstract. Flickr has a range of copyrights, both commercial and non-commercial. For commercial usage, search in the Creative Commons-licensed content and browse under each license type until you find the appropriate content. There are lovely gallery owners, who will give you permission to use their work for an appropriate purpose if you ask them nicely.

III. Check Product License

Choose A License

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If you want to choose a license to release your new products, Choosealicense.com is a great choice because its approach is to provide what you may need first then provide the solution. When your demand is defined, you will be provided with full license document with permissions and restrictions highlighted.


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In another approach, the TLDRlegal.com website allows users to search a piece of the license then highlight the do and don’t for usage. It’s very helpful, especially with themes and plugins developers to check the license of an image, source code or work on Github, for example.

IV. Choose a Google web font

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Although the web font is nice and quite a lots of popular themes include these fonts in theme option; there are still limitation with the web fonts that has incompatible subsets in some languages such as Latin, Vietnamese and so on. At the official website of Google web font, you can preview the fonts and its styling in a script of your language and add it to the collection for your web projects.

V. Online assistant

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There is no better outsourcing sources for online stuffs than Fiverr.com. Here you can find online assistants from Marketing, Voice Over, Graphic, and so on. However, although Fiverr has an excellent customer care system which will send you update, notification about project progress and even order cancel suggestion for overdue projects, choosing the service provider carefully and discussing with them about scope of work will save your time. Don’t have high expectation for jobs that costs you only $5.

VI. Responsive test

If you need to test your web layout accurately on IPhone, IPad, the website Ipadpeek.com provides stunning simulator of the real devices that you can actually interact with. It saves both your time and money to start your new web project.

pi wordpress theme blog

Demo of Blog Home Page of Pi on vertical virtual IPad

All of the tools have been tested through our process of creating our Pi Multipurpose Theme; hence we can ensure you the accuracy of the article. On the other hand, we also look forward to knowing more from you, let’s comment below. If you find information helpful to you, we are happy to have you subscribe our blog or follow us on the social accounts, which you can easily see in the sidebar.


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