Top New Construction WordPress Theme in 2015
While it’s important to keep pace with construction trends that will bloom over the coming years, it’s also necessary to change working environments, tools and strategies to adapt to modern times. Any construction company should pay attention to branding to promote their development. Especially, if they focus on building a great website for their own › Read more
Content Tab – How to activate link to Content tab
Please note that tab number is counted from left to right and stating from 1. Link activation in the same Content tab For example, there are 5 different tabs in the same Content tab. From the tab number 1, you can link that tab to tab number 3 using this Link activation function, and visitors › Read more
Joomla Freebie – Facebook  Activity Module Usage
B Facebook Activity module is the Joomla version of Facebook Social Plugins : Activity Feeds. This module shows users what their friends are doing on your site through likes and comments. A sample screen of this module can be seen below. Facebook Activity module parameters › Read more
Get more social with free joomla social plugin for articles! You can download 6 free Joomla extensions here. So you have great content! Why don’t you let people share it on their  Twitter and Facebook account? Social marketing has been proven to be one of the most effective channels. With Social Plugins, the sharing process will › Read more
[Free Joomla image slider] B Image Slider: Adding link to images
Adding link to the Image Slider and create a wonderful promotion area. Also download other 5 free helpful extensions for your Joomla website › Read more
Some people ask me about changing background in B Venus 2(Light version). As they get used to B Venus (1)’s background which can be changed according to template them set in back-end, they wonder why B Venus 2 (New to B Venus? Here it is) cannot do that. The reason is: “Yes It is”. B Venus › Read more
How Can I Pay For Products I Purchase on
This is very useful and detail guidelines to you when you purchase products on We are always with you and support you anytime › Read more
B Image Slider is a beautiful responsive slider with multitude transition effects see full and friendly with any portable devices. With B Image Slider, Nile becomes one of the most elegant free WordPress magazine themes to download ever Go to back-end settings (Administrator Panel >>> B Slide) to add, edit and move to trash each › Read more
How to Configure Responsive Category Slider
Good news! Our Responsive Category Slider is now Free for Use and this is the list of options that you can change in the plugin: Change background color with unlimited color. Set background images for the plugin. Set width for vertical menu. Change color of border, menu text, menu text hover also with unlimited option. › Read more
Install New Joomla Template Without Losing Your Original Data
In the previous post, you have known how to install quickstart package on Joomla 3x. However, you may be having a lots of data, images and beautiful details on your site, you won't never want to start over again. › Read more
Install Quick-Start Package on Joomla 3.0 Easily
Quick-start Package is the best choice for users who want to kick-start a new Joomla template. Please check the guide below to understand how to implement Quickstart Installation. However, please remember to back up your data beforehand because your old data will be all gone afterwards. › Read more
How To Configure Xampp To Avoid Conflicts In Windows
When you install Xampp in Windows, you will have a common issue - the conflict occur between Xampp and Skype because they are using same port (or any software using that port). In this tutorial, I will show you a simple way to solve this kind of issue. › Read more
How To Install WordPress On Local Host
WordPress is very popular in creating your own website. To begin, you need to know how to install WordPress. There are 2 ways to install: on local host or on web server. › Read more