How To Configure Xampp To Avoid Conflicts In Windows 

How To Configure Xampp To Avoid Conflicts In Windows

When you configure Xampp in Windows, you will have a common issue – the conflict occur between Xampp and Skype because they are using same port (or any software using that port). In this tutorial, I will show you a simple way to solve this kind of issue. Let’s start.
1. Step 1: Open Xampp and start 2 services as usual: Apache and MySQL.

2. Step 2: Click Config and select “Apache (http.config)”. Open file by any software you want, here I use notepad to edit.

xampp control panel

3. Step 3: Change current Xampp’s port.

xampp's port

  • The port Xampp using is “80”.

Xampp's port

  • Our job is to change it into any other port. We recommend we change to “8080” because there is no software using this one.
  • Following these steps to change Xampp’s port.
  • Press “Ctrl + F” to start “Find” tool in Notepad. Search “80” and press “Find next”.

  •  You will have 4 results and change all of them to “8080” if you want or change only 2 results (image below).

  • Save the file with every change we made!

4. Step 4: Stop “Apache” service then start again. WE DONE!

stop apache

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