How To Install WordPress On Local Host 

How To Install WordPress On Local Host

WordPress is very popular in creating your own website. To begin, you need to know how to install WordPress. There are 2 ways to install: on local host or on web server. With this tutorial, I would like to introduce to you the easiest way to install WordPress on local host. From my experience, I know how hard it was at the beginning with long and complicated tutorials. However, just follow my instruction with following steps, you will have results you always wanted.

1. Step 1: Install Xampp and config it.

  • Download installation file from this link above then install it following the instruction. If you receive a warning message (image below), click OK button and leave everything as default settings if you are not an expert.


  • The installation process will take you about 5 minutes. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.

2_Config Xampp

  • Open Xampp Control panel and click START button for 2 services: Apache and MySQL.
  • If you are not able to start Apache service normally, there must be a conflict between Skype and Xampp. They are using the same port 80. You need to quit Skype then start again. If you want to configure Xampp in order to avoid these kinds of conflicts, read this tutorial.

2. Step 2: Prepare to install WordPress

  • Open your browser and go to the address: http://localhost/
  • Xampp will let you choose language for its interface. So select the one that you feel comfortable the most to work with. Here, I choose English.

  • Then click on phpMyadmin in order to create database for our website.


  • Click on Database to create database


  • Name your database with whatever you want and click “Create” and we’re done with database. For example, if you want to try our product – Nile, a totally free and interesting WordPress theme, you can name the database as “wordpress_Nile” to remember it easily. It also makes everything organized. For more information about Nile – our responsive and beautiful Free WordPress theme, click here.


  • Check Privileges option for the database we have created. Click on the database in the list on the left side.

Step 3: Install WordPress

  • Download installation file of WordPress from this link above.
  • Extract the installation file to the folder “htdocs” in Xampp folder. You go to C:/xampp/htdocs/, if you install Xampp on C drive. You can create a sub-folder if you want to install many websites on localhost in order to make sure everything will be organized.

  • Open your browser and go to http://localhost/ “your folder name”. In this case, it is: htttp://localhost/themelead. Then click on WordPress folder.


  • Here magic happens! Just click on “Create a Configuration File” then follow the instruction.

create a Config File

  •  Click on  “Create a Configuration File”



  • Press submit! Now let’s go


  • Because we install our WordPress site on local host so we un-check option “Allow search engines index your site”. Fill all information needed then we almost done. Go, install it!

  • DONE! Now you can customize your Site as you always wanted. If you want to read more and have our updated tutorials, click to subscribe here.

Welcome to wordpress

  • Next thing you should do is to install themes and plugins in order to bring your website beautiful design and rich feature. Read our tutorials to know how to install WordPress theme and plugin on WordPress.

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