What are the large e-commerce stores using WordPress? 

What are the large e-commerce stores using WordPress?

Nowadays the importance of Internet is rising rapidly all over the world. More and more people engage in online communications with each other, purchase products, and services on the Internet, and even go further in their online activities. This is the reason why Internet has risen in popularity and many businesses are building e-commerce websites or have already done so in order to market their products and attract as many customers as possible. The following list will attempt to present you with some excellent examples of WordPress e-commerce websites.

In reality, WordPress is not just a great blogging software capable of creating new blogs fast but it also stands as a great tool for content management, able to build outstanding websites. Below are listed the best e-commerce websites of today, employing the power of WordPress and demonstrating to what extent the CMS is suitable for handling this particular task. You can easily start your own e-commerce store with a WordPress theme with Woocommerce, MarketPress enabled.

PawPrint Pets.com

As the name of the website implies, its content is related to pets, and in specific to dogs. At the e-commerce website PawPrint Pets you can learn how to best train your dog from a professional dog trainer – the founder of the website. Having many helpful plugins for e-commerce, WordPress allows a website designer to customize the look of the online shop in order to meet the needs of customers as much as he can.

WordPress e-commerce websites

Harvey Nichols.com

The famous retailer of luxury fashion merchandise Harvey Nichols and his websites sells fashion for men and women, food and wine of high quality, beauty merchandise and offers from first-class restaurants. When you log into the website, you witness its professional and clean design firsthand, and it doesn’t take long for you to find the items you look for.

WordPress e-commerce websites

Tinkering Monkey.com

This online shop is a truly interesting one and all its products are the result of the work of its two founders – Paula Chang and Mike Cheung. If you pay a visit to the website, you will notice the elegant and clean theme that leaves all visitors with wonderful feelings and positive opinion.


The e-commerce website Bluelounge employed a combination of three techniques in its creation – the CodeIgniter framework, the Interspire Shopping Cart and the WordPress content management system. All customers on site are offered sleek and innovative products like iPad accessories and soft goods, capable of transforming their digital lifestyle into a wonderful experience.


Created with the WordPress CMS and supported by the powerful and responsive framework Bootstrap, Little has a unique and appealing design. The idea of this particular e-commerce website is to present ideas about strategies for design and development for non-profit organizations and the Fortune 500 companies.


The e-commerce website Circa.com serves the Circa restaurant, which is devoted to providing its customers with an excellent dining experience. Built with the famous WordPress CMS, the website offers its visitors reviews, recipes, special offers, and menus in a way which is both professional and clean.

WordPress e-commerce websites


Liam Veitch, the owner of Ownerd.com, a site also built with WordPress, has been building businesses for an entire decade. He started this website with the idea to present freelancer business owners with strategies and instructions outlining how to rise efficiency, gain additional clients and develop the market.

WordPress e-commerce websites


Yoke.com aims at promoting the studio Yoke, which has been started by Jay Bigford and Alister Wynn. The WordPress CMS with its powerful features, such as an easy install and a comprehensive comments system, has allowed the two founders to successfully market their businesses.

WordPress e-commerce websites

Champagne Warehouse.com

The e-commerce WordPress website Champagne Warehouse is created to serve the champagne business. The professionally designed website boosts unique categories for its products, for example “mixed cases”, “shop by occasion”, and “shop by style”. It allows clients to easily find the champagne of their choice. The “winebox” of the site is also custom, making it convenient for those who purchase champagne to manage their orders successfully.

WordPress e-commerce websites

There are more than sixty million websites using WordPress and these cannot be all wrong, in my opinion. In fact, WordPress can be transformed into a powerful ecommerce platform using the right plugins, add-ons, and themes.

The reasons why WordPress serves as a robust platform for e-commerce

The following are some strong points WordPress has as an e-commerce platform:

– Themes: The number of the available themes at WordPress is mind-boggling. Regardless of the fact that only some of those are e-commerce suitable, it still leaves a great number of themes for you to choose from. The themes at WordPress can be edited, and such an approach towards web design and development grants you the option to make them more suitable for your needs.

– Plugins: It is often said by many people that there is a plugin at WordPress for all your needs that adds exactly the kind of functionality you would desire. Of course, they exaggerate by a small margin but they are closer to the true than you might think. Because of their widespread use, the vast number of available plugins, usually available for free, add new functionality to WordPress with a surprising ease.

What are the downsides of WordPress as an e-commerce platform?

– The popularity of WordPress as a content management system can also be its downfall. For the reason that there are so many websites using the system, it is often under the attack of hackers. Although there are security updates released almost every month, no one wants to worry about the possibility of a hacker attack. Security, as one may easily guess, is a fundamental requirement for e-commerce websites.

– With the growth of your e-commerce business, you are required to process a vast number of customer orders, which has a downside of its own – WordPress can execute such number of scripts simultaneously that it can overwhelm the majority of web servers.

– Because of the number of plugins you will need to install in order for your e-commerce website to work, together with the theme’s installation, the website can face significant problems when upgrading to a newer WordPress version.

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