1. B Drop-Down Menu

This simple B Drop down Menu extension shows your menu in a dropdown-style and as many levels of items as you want. It’s simple for visitors to have overall idea about content of your Joomla web. It’s highly compatible with web browsers, so there is no more concern about compatibility

2. B Content Slider

Well, it’s the name tells us all: sliding your articles/messages. But wait! What makes it special? Oh yeah, the special feature of this extension is that articles to display must be cohesive but still cover your idea, and you can also have image included in this too! Messages and articles can be displayed as many as you want, and this module will automatically ‘slide’ them for you! Try this today and feel the differences

3. B Content Tab:

B Content Tab is a useful Joomla menu module with tab-style layout which shows news/articles in a summarized and convenient way. Built in ‘Bounce-Out’ transition effect, moving between tabs in this extension creat the feeling of systematic and higly usable content arrangement when browsing your Joomla menu.

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headline roller Responsive Joomla 3 Template

4. B Headline Roller

If you are looking for a tool to demonstrate hottest contents of your website easily and effectively, B Headline Roller is one of the top choices. It is a rolling text box showing short introduction, which is able to customized and linked to a particular page. The best application of this Joomla extension is to inform lastest releases, hot deals or product updates. B Headline Roller utilizes the web space and saves times to create impression with readers. Targeted content consumers are segmented easily to bring more leads

5. B Photo Gallery

The simple photo gallery allows you to create beautiful galleries to present your portfolio, team, products, photos or anything.

6. B Social Extensions:

Including B Facebook Recommendation module, B Facebook Activities Feeds module, B Social Plugin, B Social Extension is a great bundle in this reign of social media.

  • Facebook Activities Feeds: This Joomla extension shows users what their friends are doing on the website through like and comments.
  • Facebook Recommendations: This Joomla extension give users personalized suggestions for pages on a website they might like.


The extensions are licensed under GPL v2. You have the freedom to use these extensions for your personal and commercial purposes. Just remmeber to keep us credited. If you would like to share this freebie, please appreciate our work by linking back to this original post. [freebiesub download=”https://themelead.com/6-free-joomla-extensions-download-page”]

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