Responsive Category Slider is Now on 

Responsive Category Slider is Now on

We’d like annouce that our plugin, Responsive Category Slider has been approved and now on the directory of You can download the plugin directly from or from the ThemeLead web. We hope that by giving it for Free, it can help more people solve their problems with the sliders and category display. If you like the plugin, please vote and leave a review for it.

Furthermore, it’s time to officially annouce that we will host an event this weekend, where you can ask everything about WordPress and Facebook Fan Page, with the attendance of Sam, a guru in Facebook advertising. The concept of the event is conceived when I joined a number of groups about WordPress and regconize that the knowledge levels between members are not equal. Members with less expertise are often shy to raise their voice, follow the post quietly and tends to be confused with a number of diversified answers for their questions.

At the event, you are free to ask whatever you are unclear, just by leaving a comment on the event’s post on our Facebook fan page and we will try to reply all in the weekends. There is no time limit, you can be online at any time and spend a minute to leave a comment. There is no judgement or business, we will try our best to answer you in the quickest and simpliest way.

So I hope to see you there.


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