Review of Revolution Slider Plugin Lastest Updates 

Review of Revolution Slider Plugin Lastest Updates

The developers behind Revolution Slider are ThemePunch. This plugin serves to add new functionality to your WordPress website – a slider. Traditionally, a slider adds image transitions to a banner. The use of Revolution Slider in particular allows us to add a slider featuring advanced image transitions and at the same time place very appealing animations on certain slides. When a slider is added to a website, especially one built for e-commerce purposes, it increases the appeal of a website to visitors and clients. When used to display content for mobile and tablet devices, the slider is particularly beneficial.

The interface of the Revolution Slider Plugin allows for an easy use. Coming with an easy to understand and follow instructions, it comes packed with a lot of settings. The plugin’s most recent version comes with a substantial improvement to its interface.

The plugin also allows for few basic settings, which most people expect from a slider to have. There are, however, some plugins on the market that do not feature these basic settings. With Revolution Slider it is possible to set features like the placement of the slider, the width and height of the slider, navigational interface, image navigation features, etc. All slides’ default background is customizable and it is possible to individually edit each created slide. One major highlight of the Revolution Slider is its ability to add layers to slides, and if you choose so, these can visualize along a timeline. In this way it is possible to animate both slide transitions and individual slides when layers are used. A layer can take advantage of an added image, video or text. Each layer allows the setting of animation transitions from the large number of provided transitions. It can also hae an added link so that the link is present in any slide of the slider.

Updated: the recent attack of virus named to sites with old version of Revolution Slider has made Google block more than 11,000 WordPress sites for being malware sites. Don’t ignore it. Check your site today, if you are using the Revolution Slider, better make changes as soon as possible. Here is the new
theme with the lastest version of Revolution Slider
to help you out!

Benefits of the Revolution Slider

– Instead of using Flash, the plugin uses CSS transitions, and in order to ensure faster performance, it makes use of the Greensock Animation Platform (GSAP).

– The use of the Revolution Slider allows for the creation and editing of a number of sliders but also their import and export to and from a simple text file.

– The plugin is easy to place on a page. When a new slider is created, a shortcode is automatically generated through the slider alias. The shortcode is a convenient and easy way to place the slide in a widget or a post. What is more, it is easy to place a slide on any page of your website simply by changing the html of the theme.

– The responsive layout feature is a big asset to the Revolution Slider. It sets the width and height of the slider dynamically and in accordance with the screen size of a particular device. Alternatively, it is possible to set a custom or fixed layout in accordance with your personal preferences.

– The layers of the plugin allow for adding styles and editing them.

– It makes the most out of caption animations.

– Revolution Slider has a multi-language and multi-site support.

– Images with alt tags – the feature grants the option to add alt tags to the images the slider uses or the image in the background.

Disadvantages of Revolution Slider

– Although it is possible to link the layer to another website, it is not linkable to a page or post.

– When images are places on a slide, it affects the website’s load time.

– It is not possible to copy one slide from another.

– A common layer cannot be added to all slides of a slider.

– A number of advanced 3D transitions are not working with IE9.

Although Revolution Slider packs a lot of advanced features and allows for easy customizations, it also has rivals on the market. One such alternative is LayerSlider.

If you compare the features of these two products, you will notice one substantial difference. Both LayerSlider and Revolution Slider offer unique interfaces, granting you the option to generate outstanding image slideshows of a range of pictures. I would recommend that you try both products in order to determine which interface is more appealing to you.

At USD 18 the Revolution Slider is a little bit more expensive than LayerSlider, which costs only USD 17, but such a small difference in price is hardly a deciding factor.

Another rival of Revolution Slider is Layer Slider. Thanks to its large number of available options, the plugin allows you to boost the appearance of your website with beautiful slides. However, just as it is the case with Revolution Slider, Layer Slider also has a learning curve. You may find it hard to create better than averagely looking slides in the beginning but this shouldn’t discourage you from trying.

Spend a day to familiarize yourself with the product and create a number of slides with the Layer Slider for WordPress. It allows you to combine images, videos, audio, text, effects, and transitions. Once you get used to it, it will allow you to create slides with ease.

But how to choose one slider over the other? Both of them basically offer the same features. Both are mobile optimized, multilingual-ready, have a drag and drop slide builder, are multisite compatible, SEO friendly, use various effects and slide transitions, and fancy a range of various other options.

Both of them allow you to create great looking slides and no matter which one you pick, you can’t go wrong. Personally, I prefer Revolution Slider to Layer Slider but that doesn’t mean that the former is better in any measure. Revolution Slider is just easier for me to use.

I believe that the main problem here lies in how to find high-quality pictures for your projects rather than choosing one slider over the other.

If you are looking for a WordPress slider plugin of high-quality, you can choose one of these two. If you’re undecided, choose the cheaper one.


To conclude, I would like to say that Revolution Slider is a slider plugin of premium quality, and if you want to use it in your WordPress website, you would have to pay a few dollars. However, it is a great addition to the slider inventory of WordPress and you should definitely give this one a try.

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