Review of Visual Composer Latest Updates 

Review of Visual Composer Latest Updates

WordPress is an astonishing blogging platform, and its popularity is truly deserved. The problem with it arises when you try to use it for something more that a simple platform for blogging. This is when things start to get truly complicated and difficult. However, there is a WordPress plugin that can be of help to you should you wish to dive deeper into a more advanced territory.

If your knowledge of HTML and CSS is not good enough, what you need is a plugin that allows you to make changes to your WordPress-based website in as simple way as possible. That is when a page builder plugin steps in, and out of all page building software solutions, there is one that clearly stands out from the rest. It is the Visual Composer plugin for WordPress.

It presents users with a simple to use interface and allows for the creation of posts and pages almost instantly through the use of a drag and drop interface. No prior knowledge of HTML, CSS or programming languages is needed.

Current pages are easily copied and reused on a website. Templates can be saved so that they are available for use later. The multilingual-ready plugin has .mo and .po files as well as PF, ES, DE, BR, RU and PL added by users.

The skin builder of Visual Composer grants you the option to generate your own color theme. The responsive layout is also a feature that works equally well will mobile and regular desktop devices. These is a support for any conceivable post type, including custom post types.

The latest version of Visual Composer comes with 44 content blocks, available for use right away.

wordpress plugin visual composer

Visual Composer has an avalanche of available features such as:

  • Drag and drop intuitive interface – it is both easy and light to use. The generation of new pages has never been done so easily. No prior programming experience is assumed and your clients are sure to love the final product.
  • Backend editor – Are you used to working on backend? The native content management of Visual Composer on the backend will serve you well with a range of options and functions.
  • Frontend editor – It introduces the principle “What you see is what you get”, streamlining the page creation process with a strong frontend editor. You are given a glimpse of how your content will look on the frontend of your website without unnecessary switches and clicks.
  • Easily extendable – It is possible to create your own Visual Composer plugin for your theme and even sell it on CodeCanyon. All third party developers are welcomed to join the party!
  • Multilingual-ready – .mo and .po files are included to make translation easier.
  • Object-oriented code – In order to ensure best results for your website, Visual Composer makes the most out of the best programming practices.
  • Responsiveness – The content you add will look great on both mobile and desktop devices. The responsive design feature of the plugin allows you to take control over the layout of your site, granting you control over defining the size of columns, display options, and offsets. You can observe how your content is being displayed.
  • System for templates – Copy the existing pages to reuse them later and save templates. You can make the most out of’s predefined layouts to generate your posts and pages.
  • Support for custom posts types – Custom post types are also supported. The plugin works with any post type.
  • User access support for WordPress – Website administrators determine what elements can be used by certain user groups.
  • Dedicated and professional support – support team consisting of high-quality and dedicated professionals is always available to serve your needs and offer assistance with whatever difficulties you may be facing.
  • Free of charge lifetime update – All updates are free of charge and applied automatically. Visual Composer allows you to stay up-to-date with the plugin’s latest enhancements and releases.
  • Options for design – The new design options allow you to control the display of elements. You are able to set margins, borders, background, and paddings with just few clicks. The color panel is a great way to enhance your design. The easy creation of modern designs is easily accomplished.
  • Support for a range of languages – With Visual Composer you can build multi-language sites. The plugin is compatible with mqTranslate and qTranslate.

One of the newest features of the plugin is that it is extendable. On the request of theme authors, this feature has already been made available. You are now able to use your own set of shortcodes to extend Visual Composer. You only need to define them in functions.php and the plugin with take care of the rest for you automatically.

WordPress is a great content management system, but it isn’t easy for newbies to create a website that is both attractive and functional when they have no knowledge of coding and are inexperienced. That is the reason why those who wish to create their own websites are often relying on specialists to do complicated webpage setups for them. The answer to this problem is a pagebuilder, and from all those page builders available on the market, Visual Composer clearly stands out.

It seems that every review of the WordPress plugin Visual Composer is positive, and many of these, which draw a comparison between the plugin and its market rivals, conclude that Visual Composer is the superior choice. No one should claim that the plugin is perfect. Some other plugins with similar functionality have better interfaces, for example. However, Visual Composer is most probably better than all of them. Check out the free theme with Visual Composer included here.

If you are faced with the task of creating complicated web pages, for example large sales pages having numerous elements, Visual Composer will probably be the best tool in your inventory. If you use it, you will be able to deal with short codes in the default editor of WordPress more easily. Even without additional extensions, the plugin grants you all you need to create a professional website.

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