Top 10 Useful Plugins For Christmas And New Year

Christmas is coming and snow is falling. Instead of boring and default plugins, why don’t you try to make your WordPress site be more incredible with unique plugins for Christmas and New Year. Here is the cool collection of free and useful plugins as a Christmas gift to your readers. Visit this page to download all of these freebies.

1. The Snow Storm

WordPress-Snow-Storm- plugin

A snow-fall effect is always a good idea for a WordPress site. Developed by Tribulant Software, The Snow Storm brings Christmas to your website by a snowing effect from the top of your site. You can easily change the snow intensity as well as its size. The snow falls while you are reading the content, that is so cool.

2. Snow, balloons and more


This is an awesome plugin for your site at Christmas. It displays not only snow but also leaves and balloons on your site. You also add a picture you like into the pictures folder. In addition, you can control the number of snowflakes to specific posts and pages. So, let’s get and enjoy it immediately.

3. Xmas Lights


A simple string of colorful lights on your site is so great to welcome your visitors on the Christmas holidays. Thanks to a simple installation, so it is very easy for you to get this plugin.

4. Christmas Ball on Branch

Christmas is everywhere and a little Christmas effect for your site is not a bad idea. You don’t like snowfall and the Santa, so let’s try Christmas Ball on Branch. It allows a cute animated “Christmas Ball on Branch” image on the top right corner of your site. 

5. Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry-Christmas-Everyone- plugin

If you want your blog to be joyful and your readers have happy time when they are on your site, Merry Christmas Everyone is for you. Your site will be more spiritualized with a super cute Santa. He will be falling, sliding, flying all over your page accompanied with gifts, happiness, candies and colorful snow. Using this cute plugin, you can change not only the appearance of the Santa but also the music.

6. Holiday Message


Holiday Message is an awesome and useful plugin for you at Christmas. If you want to wish your visitors a happy holiday with the cute pop-up message, let’s use Holiday Message. This plugin adds a pop-up message along with a Christmas graphic on your site. Additionally, you can choose the color, the graphic and even add a cute snowfall effect. So, enjoy it!

7. Christmas Countdown Clock


Another useful plugin for this Christmas is Christmas Countdown Clock that shows days and hours until Christmas day. The figure is not boring anymore. Christmas Countdown Clock allows you to change design, size, animation and background. Let’s make your site be interesting!

8. Christmas Advent Calendar


Make the Christmas cover your site by Christmas Advent Calendar. This plugin allows you to get a random selection from the large advent calendar collection. Your site will be more eye-catching. Apart from an inconvenient thing is that it will not be activated before December, you can completely enjoy a beautiful calendar for this Christmas.

9. WP Christmas Class

WP-Christmas-Class- plugin

This useful plugin allows you to set a period of time to add a custom CSS class to your body tag. With the custom CSS, you can easily change the entire look of your site during the Christmas holidays without setting anything.

10. WP Scheduled Styles

wp-schedule-styles- plugin

You want to change your site appearance on the Christmas holidays, but you do not have time to log in and set it, let’s try WP Scheduled Styles. This plugin will help you schedule a different theme on your site for holidays or special events. Christmas is approaching, so let’s install WP Scheduled Styles and spend time for your family.


Merry Christmas! The useful plugins will help you make an new appearance for your website. They are free for both personal and commercial usage.
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