WordPress 101 – Changing WordPress Appearance 

WordPress 101 – Changing WordPress Appearance

If you are in the WordPress blog dashboard, this is an at a glance overview of your website, showing viewing statistics, latest posts, recent comments.

Changing WordPress Appearance is one of these lessons in our series of video tutorials about WordPress. We studied about Posts, Pages, The Visual Editor, Working With Images, Media Library in the previous video. Now, we will continue to learn Changing WordPress Appearance throughtout Theme Changes, Customization, Widgets, Menus. Themelead.com provides you with this free video.

In this video we also demostrate how easy it is to alter the appearance of a website running on WordPress. Next, we will make temporary changes to the website, to test what we plan to change

Once we know exactly what we need to change we will save our changes in the custom.css file on the web server, using the user friendly WordPress interface.
1. Changing WordPress theme

2. Customization

3. Widgets

4. Menus


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