WordPress 101 – Top WordPress Visual Editor – Part 1 

WordPress 101 – Top WordPress Visual Editor – Part 1

In the previous video, we introduced to you the basic things about Posts and Pages. Today, we will continue to refer these video about Top WordPress Visual Editor including some manipulations such as How to use the WordPress visual editor, How to Edit Posts/Pages, How to Add Paragraphs, How to Heading stypes. You can use this free video of wpmudev.org on Themelead.com

1. Editing Text
Some functions will simply format the text immediately, you would highlight the text you want linked. You can also change text colors or any manipulations with it. Top WordPress Visual Editor will introduce to you text formatting tools. Watch the following video to get more information.

2. Adding Paragraph
Are you having trouble with adding paragraphs in Posts or Pages? Don’t worry because we always beside you and provide pratical tutorials for you. The visual editor provides you with basic guides. Make sure that it is very easy to do successfully. Let do the following steps in the video of Themelead.com.

3. Adding Heading
This video mentions using headings in your post articles. Let look closer to structure and increase the readability of your blog posts. Headings are HTML tags used to set the section or subsection titles within your blog posts. They divide your content into sections, but they also help to keep related contents and concepts together.


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