WordPress 101 – Top WordPress Visual Editor Part 2 

WordPress 101 – Top WordPress Visual Editor Part 2

Let’s continue to learn about Top WordPress Visual Editor in the second part. In this one, we will together study more about How to Create Hyperlinks, How to Use Lists, How to Embed Media, How to Create Playlists and How to Excerpt. The free video of wpmudev.org on Themelead.com

1. Creating Hyperlinks
A hyperlink is usually showed by a word, group of words, or image that you can click on to navigate to another web page. The most important attribute is the href attribute, which indicates the link’s destination. The guide will help you create links in posts and pages in WordPress.com blogs. You can create links in either the Visual editor or the Text (HTML) editor.

2. Using lists
Most lists in WordPress are identified by id or class attributes, making style lists easy. With fairly simple changes to the style.css file, you can display the list horizontally instead of vertically, set dynamic highlighting menu, change the bullet or numbering style, remove the bullets altogether, or any combination of these.

3. Embeding Media
WordPress now has a huge range of support for locally and externally hosted audio and video. Let watch this video to get more information.

4. Creating Playlists
That creating playlists is also similar to the way you would build an image gallery. Now, let explore it immediately

5. Posting Excerpt
Some users asked us to post a tutorial how to display Post Excerpts in WordPress Themes. This is a very simple tutorial that anyone can implement and take advantage of this built-in feature. The benefit of implementing this tutorial is that it decreases page load time and it increases the pageview count.


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